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Spring Cleaning Goals

Last weekend, clocks sprung forward which brings longer days and soon warmer temperatures. This can trigger feelings associated with Spring Fever.

While patiently waiting for the season to officially spring, I find myself wanting to clean, organize and freshen up inside. That way, my family is ready to relax and have fun in the sun!

As I consider how to tackle this year’s spring cleaning, I thought it would be helpful to share some insight found on Zillow’s blog. You may already do many of these things as part of your spring-cleaning routine, but it’s always helpful to get a fresh perspective to get you started.

Earlier this month, Zillow posted a blog titled, “Spring Cleaning 101: Make it Fast, Easy and Effective.” The post includes seven suggestions for tidying up your home as we move into the new season.

  1. Create a plan: Assign jobs and select areas to clean and organize.
  2. Minimize cleaning supplies: Take inventory of what you already have and buy cleaners that can do more than one job.
  3. Clean room-by-room: Focus on one space at a time to feel more accomplished.
  4. Focus on the most important areas: Select the most visible and used areas of the home first.
  5. Work smarter, not harder: Think about how to make a task easier before starting (i.e. self-clean setting on the oven).
  6. Get rid of clutter: Create four categories when sorting items to help you decide what is important and needs to be kept versus what can be donated or tossed.
  7. Create more efficient habits: Decide on one new way to help keep things clean (i.e. go paperless).

If you are on a roll with spring cleaning, you may also find this Zillow post helpful covering how to organize and declutter the garage.

The most important takeaway is to tackle spring cleaning area-by-area and day-by-day. This makes it more manageable to feel you’ve accomplished something as you work towards your goals.

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash