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DIY Projects for Your Outdoor Space

Warmer temperatures mean summer is on the way. For many of us we are looking for any reason to be outside – either doing yard work, or relaxing and enjoying the fresh air. It’s not necessary to spend, spend, spend to create the outdoor oasis you have in mind. In fact, there are so many do-it-yourself project ideas out there on the web your head may be spinning trying to decide where to start!

If you are suffering from Pinterest overload, look at these ideas shared in a recent post. They focused on six easy DIY projects you can get started to liven up your outdoor space.

  1. Outdoor sectional
  2. Fire pit
  3. Bench swing
  4. Picnic table with built-in cooler
  5. Backyard Tiki bar
  6. Deck planters

These projects can help update the curb and patio appeal of your home, while giving you an oasis to enjoy all summer long.

The article includes links to additional posts and videos showing you “how-to” create each idea. Do you have a favorite? I’m finding it hard to pick, but I absolutely love eating outside so the picnic table might be number one on my list.