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How COVID Has Changed What Home Buyers Want

As I write this post, I think about conversations my husband and I have had over the past few months about the living space in our house. It would be nice to have a third bedroom on our second floor so our boys could have their own space; and my husband would give anything for an office (see #3 below!). Every time we have this conversation, resale value is top of mind.

Since we are all spending a lot more time at home, I’m guessing many of us have spent time reimagining our living space – both inside and out. You know, relaxing fire pit area outside; or tucked away office space or classroom area inside. Some of us may have even taken steps to make these spaces a reality.

But it’s not only us homeowners that have these living spaces on our wish list. Buyers have similar wants when searching for a home. If you’ve been considering listing your home or renovating, you’ll want to take note of this list compiled by, highlighting top home features during the COVID era and beyond. The list includes:

#1: Upgrade outdoor space

#2: Create a functional home office or classroom

#3: Separate your spaces (everyone needs their own space)

#4: Give your in-law suite a makeover

#5:  Spruce up the laundry room

You’ll want to consider this list when staging your home for sale. If a renovation or home sale are in your future, this list gives you something to think about.