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Home Staging Trends to Watch

The September-October 2020 issue of Realtor Magazine included some great tips for agents, buyers, sellers and even homeowners. What topic could possible span each of these personas? Home design and staging of course!

For the homeowner: We are all spending more time at home so we want to create spaces that work for us.

For the buyer: Purchasing a home has a lot to do with that just right for me, and/or my family, vibe you get when touring a home – virtually or in-person.

For the seller: They are hoping their home’s look and feel will resonate with buyers.

For the agent: Counseling our clients and giving them the best advice is our number one priority.

So what are some home staging trends to watch?

1. Send cozier vibes.
2. Give prominence to the home office.
3. Spotlight outdoor living.
4. Bring on the natural light.
5. Offer contactless services.

These trends provide a start, but a professional home stager can be a great resource for more tips.

Photo credit: Greg Rivers on Unsplash.