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Buying a Home Sight Unseen

Instead of focusing on current real estate news this week, we looked back a ways, and found an article that could prove very helpful if you are moving forward with your plan to buy a home this year. There are often times buyers cannot visit a home, especially now when sellers may not be as open to in-person showings. This leaves many buyers counting on their agents as their personal home shoppers, previewing properties or doing showings via video platforms, like FaceTime.

This article, featured on Zillow’s Porchlight blog in May of 2018, shares the story of a couple that purchased a home sight unseen. Yes, they were moving from a different state and needed to act fast. While this is different from the scenarios buyers might find themselves in today, it still provides a helpful look into buying virtually and tips for making things easier. These include:

1. Sketch it out: Get dimensions and create a layout, so you can see how your personal items will fit in a space and if it will work for you.

2. Preview the views: Listing photos don’t always show you everything. Enlist your realtor to take photos or videos around the neighborhood, as well as through windows in the home. This way you can see exactly what you’ll be looking at while relaxing in your living room.

3. Embrace the folder: A move is hectic, and things can be misplaced. Be sure one of those things is not all the paperwork needed to complete your purchase. This is important now more than ever with closings happening virtually. If you are printing documents, get the brightest folder you can (one that screams important!) and put it in a safe place; or if you are filing documents digitally, make sure you know where to find them on your computer.

4. Take care of yourself: Okay, we can’t hit the gym right now; but we can stick to routines. Go for a walk, do yoga, relax and read a book. Whatever helps you unwind! Don’t neglect yourself or your family, and focus solely on packing and prepping.

5. Brace for impact: When you first walk into your new home as its owner, you might be a bit taken aback. Don’t freak out. Give it some time, settle in and start unpacking. Ultimately you chose the house, and it will feel like “home” in no time.

We hope these tips provide some insight. If you are thinking of buying this spring, we are happy to answer any questions and discuss options for your move.