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A Winter Ready Living Room

Living rooms often serve as the center of the home. They are where we relax, and enjoy time with friends and family. This is especially true during the winter months.

There’s nothing better than spending a cold winter day, snuggled up in a cozy living room. You may have done just this during our first snowstorm of the season last week.

Beyond your basic living room furniture and decor items, there are other items you can add to create a perfect living space ready for the long winter months ahead. A recent post from highlights ten additions to think about to get your living room winter ready. The post highlights storage, accents and light; including:

  1. More shelf space: For storage and display
  2. A no-fuss fireplace: Warms up a room
  3. Pretty plant stand: Brings a bit of the outside in
  4. More light: Adds brightness to darker days
  5. A swanky bar cabinet: Stylish storage, for really anything
  6. An alpaca throw blanket: Soft and warm blanket to stay cozy
  7. Energy-efficient curtains: Keeps warm air in
  8. Candleholders: Add a warm vibe to the space
  9. Storage bench: Provides extra seating, and more storage
  10. Fuzzy pillows: To snuggle up with while watching TV, reading or just relaxing

While you are decorating and rearranging for the holidays, adding a few of these items could give your living room a refresh that carries you into the spring!