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Ways to Avoid Buying a Haunted House

Around Halloween, many of us love a good ghost story or haunted house tale.

For those who believe, living in New England, is perfect. Many homes in the area date back 100+ years. Just think of New England’s rich history and the spirits that could be residing in these homes; especially in an area like Salem, Massachusetts where the witch trials of yesteryear took place.

If you are buying an older home in New England, you may find yourself asking, “could this house be haunted?” In the spirit of the holiday, we came across this post that highlights steps you can take to avoid buying a house already occupied by the supernatural. They include:

1. Know your state’s disclosure laws
2. Research the house
3. Talk to neighbors
4. Check the buy, sell, and repair history of the house
5. Call in the ghostbusters

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, one take away: find out everything you can about a house before buying to ensure nothing frightens you once you move in.

Happy Haunting!