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Colorful Homes

Small pops of color are all the rage, but what about diving head (or house) first into this trend and making your home’s exterior truly pop? When you think of colorful homes, you may think of beach-side communities in Europe or Mexico. Or maybe the small beach huts we see along the New England coast. However, colorful homes are not just for homes by the sea.

The Lighter Side of Real Estate addressed the colorful house trend in a recent post, asking if it is crazy or cute. Final decision…cute but only if you use your best judgement and consider the effect of the color you choose on your neighbors.

They also provide some great tips on what color might be best. For example, red isn’t just for farm houses; pink can be charming and retro; there are so many options for that perfect shade of blue…time to dust off the color palette; and beware of dramatic yellows, while bright and cheery, this color may turn buyers away if you are thinking of selling.

Check out the full post, and don’t shy away from going bold when it comes to your homes exterior!

Photo credit: Wonderlane/Flickr. Original image cropped for post.