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Just Right Garden Spaces

So many of us love the idea of having a garden, especially as we move into the warmer spring and summer months. From flowers and plants to vegetables and fruit, garden spaces add character to our homes and, in some cases, our dinner table.

What if you have no yard? Limited space? Or little time to plant and care for a garden? These reasons should not stop you from feeling inspired by your green thumb. Think about starting small and selecting just the right plants for your space, time, needs, and budget.

There are so many ideas and resources online to help, and starting small can be the perfect way to get a better handle on what you can handle. Small gardens are not just for small spaces. Do some online searching and you may just find some interesting ideas to kick start your garden space.

Take this recent post from about growing a gorgeous garden in a small space. Even though I have a large enough yard to plant anything my family would want, I love the idea of containers hung on a wall and hanging plant baskets. I’m thinking about incorporating these things on and around our garage to round out our small planter boxes (and by small, I mean just enough to give us some vegetables to harvest!).

If you’ve been thinking about doing some planting this spring, head online to get some ideas that will work just right for your space. Happy planting!