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Outdoor Design Inspiration: The Year’s Biggest Trends

We are all whispering to ourselves, or shouting from the roof tops…RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY!

Spring is here and we New Englanders made it through another winter. We are ready to get outside. If you are like me, you are ready to take on some spring yard projects that create an outdoor oasis for you to enjoy through the summer.

To help with your planning, I took to googling outdoor trends for 2019. had a recent post with the top outdoor design trends for this year that take the action outside (sounds perfect!!). Top trends include:

  1. Front yards and porches as an extended living room
  2. Black and white patio furniture
  3. Mixed material
  4. Statement doors
  5. High-top bars and outdoor islands

Are you incorporating any of these trends in your outdoor spaces? If not, what’s on your outdoor to-do list?

Mine includes an inviting entrance – painted door, layered welcome mat and flower pots; a garden section for vegetables and fruit; and sprucing up our fire pit area with plants and lighting.

Fingers crossed for some spring sunshine so we can stop dreaming as we look out our windows and make our outdoor spaces a reality!

Photo credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStockPhoto.