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Is Your Home Ready for a Spring Refresh?

One way New Englanders usher in the end of winter and prepare for the warmer spring season is cleaning and organizing our homes. We’ve all talked about spring cleaning! Does your home need more than a cleaning? Maybe a spring refresh or makeover.

I’m right there with you. Ready for warmer temperatures, outdoor adventures, and a fresh look and feel at home. One project we are starting is a minor makeover to the bedroom our boys share; hoping it will give them more space, organize their “stuff” (those with little ones know what I mean!), and brighten their space up a bit.

Refreshes like this don’t have to be major renovations. They can include little fixes that freshen up out-of-date rooms or décor. I recently came across this slideshow on that gave some good insight and tips for updating out-of-date spaces. Check it out…it might just spark a project at your home that helps you get through the last few weeks of winter and gives your home a much needed spring refresh!

Photo credit: iStock-askmenow.