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Top 4 Reasons 2019 May Just Be The Year To Buy A Home

Have you been watching the housing market over the past few years and wondering whether it was worth even trying to buy a home?

You may have shied away from putting your hat in the ring for several reasons, including bidding wars, surprising prices, and even houses that sold before the “For Sale” sign was put up. These trends have been very prevalent in our market and while they are far from over, 2019 may finally see them slowing down enough for potential buyers to consider joining the ranks of homeowner.

According to a recent blog post and the site’s Chief Economist, Danielle Hale, buyers may still face some of these challenges but there will also be more opportunities than in years past.

With this information, should you seriously consider starting your search? Here are four reasons why your answer should be yes:

  1. There will be more available homes—or at least, not fewer
  2. Skyrocketing prices will slow their roll
  3. Mortgage rates are lower than expected
  4. Rents are rising—and won’t be falling anytime soon

With this information, way the pros and cons of buying in 2019 for yourself. Talk to a mortgage lender to discuss your options, as well as a realtor who can help guide you through the process. Good luck!