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Is There a Winter Home-Selling Season?

Our opinion is yes. Winter can still be a good time to list a home for sale.

Just because we are approaching the holiday season, winter and the end of the year, doesn’t mean you need to delay until spring if you’ve been thinking of putting your home on the market. There’s a window of time during the winter season where it completely makes sense to list your home, especially if there’s a property you’d like to make an offer on.

Serious home buyers are looking year round under current market conditions, where inventory is low and prices are high. Listing in November, December or even January, ensures you won’t miss the buyers who are already out there looking.

U.S. News & World Report recently covered this topic, noting five solid reasons to consider the winter home-selling season. These include:

  1. The buyers are as serious as you.
  2. Buyers care less about days on market.
  3. Spring is just a few months away.
  4. You’re not competing with as many buyers for your next house.
  5. You’ll get a realistic sense of listing price.

The article also notes, if you are considering listing in this timeframe, it’s a good idea to meet with a realtor as soon as possible to discuss your options and what makes the most sense in your area. They will have a better understanding of market conditions in the area and can recommend the best list date for your property.