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Haunted Homes Across the United States

New England lore is rich with ghost stories and haunted houses. It’s not just New Englanders that love these haunted tales, though, especially during the Halloween season. Haunted houses, in particular, are intriguing because they often hold information that connects to a town or state’s history.

From grand mansions to quaint historic houses, there are dwellings across the United States known for strange and unexplainable occurrences. Earlier this month, House Beautiful put together a slideshow highlighting the top haunts in every U.S. state.

On the list for Massachusetts as the spookiest home is the Lizzie Borden house in Fall River. Now a bed and breakfast where people have reported the sounds of children playing, and even seeing sheets fly off the bed.

And, in New Hampshire, the historic Ocean-Born Mary House in Henniker makes the list. Still a private residence, many say Mary herself still roams the halls. If you want to take a peak inside, check out the Zillow listing from the last time the home was on the market.

Enjoy reading about these haunted homes, and have a Happy Halloween!