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Celebrate The First Day Of Summer

It has finally arrived…the first day of summer, or Summer Solstice. After what seemed like a never-ending winter here in New England this is a day we’ve all been waiting for.

Long, warm summer days enjoying the outdoors are definitely cause for celebration, and Reader’s Digest has put together a list of 26 nostalgic ways to usher in the summer. Some of our favorites include:

  • Burn a marshmallow
  • Sip a mint julep
  • Hit up an ice cream truck
  • Jump off a diving board
  • Make summer fruit skewers
  • Watch a movie outdoors
  • Leap through a sprinkler
  • Take an after-dinner stroll

Check out the full list, and no matter what you do, be sure to get outside and revel in this brilliant season.

Happy Summer!

Photo credit: Max Pixel.