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Are You Using Bubble Wrap Wrong? And Other Packing Faux Pas

Are you preparing to move? That means you are also preparing to pack. This is something I dreaded when we moved in 2016. I collected boxes, bought bubble wrap and packing tape, and began the tedious task of sorting through, wrapping and packing our belongings.

I thought we did everything right, but when I unpacked at our new home I found scratched picture frames, a bag of cords that to this day I don’t know what they belong to, and leaking extract bottles. For weeks, everything from the kitchen box labeled spices, seasonings and extracts smelt like raspberry!

Turns out I’m not alone. recently posted an article highlighting seven things people always pack wrong. They include:

  1. Cleaning supplies: Make sure these are tightly packed and upright (take it from my raspberry extract fiasco, you’ll want to do this for potentially leaky kitchen items too!).
  2. Flat-screen TVs: Pack in a vertical box and protect the front with a moving blanket.
  3. Anything with electrical cords: Label every cord and tape remotes to devices.
  4. Books: Mix with lighter items when packing, and lie flat to protect the spines.
  5. Dishes: Wrap well, divide with cardboard, and stand on the edges to avoid putting too much weight on the bottom dish.
  6. Unusually tall items: Better to create a custom box then to wrap up in a rug for example.
  7. Anything in bubble wrap: Bubbles should face toward the item they are protecting.

Did you know this last one? I apparently wrapped everything wrong when I packed!

So, before you get started, read through these tips in detail. Hopefully you’ll find them useful and won’t make the same mistakes I did during your move. Good luck!