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A Haunted Listing on the Coast of Maine

An impressive, oceanfront castle on the cliffs of Maine certainly warrants a $3.35 million price tag.

Beckett’s Castle, a 2,000-square-foot estate in Maine’s Cape Elizabeth, was built in 1874 and is currently on the market. If the price tag doesn’t scare potential buyers away, the amenities list just might. Those amenities include a 30-foot tower, a guest home, secret gardens, and playful ghost. Yikes!

It is said that the residence is haunted by the original owner, Sylvester Beckett, an eccentric writer and lawyer who built the property. Beckett’s hauntings are more mischievous than malicious, however. The ghost has been known to pull down sheets, open doors, and knock paintings from the walls.

Only the truly courageous would dare trick-or-treat here, or have their realtor schedule a showing!

Original story posted on Fortune, “This Haunted House Is For Sale For a Frighteningly High Asking Price,” by Chris Morris, October 18, 2017.