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Should I List My Home During the Holidays?

The leaves are falling in New England, a sure sign the holiday season is upon us. As we prepare to shop, bake, decorate, and host family and friends, we’ve had clients ask, “Should I list my home during the holidays?

Conventional wisdom says people are too busy and distracted during the holidays to think about real estate. This is just not the case anymore in our connected, always-on lives. With the Internet, smartphones, tablets and property alerts, those looking for a home don’t stop during the holidays.

As with any season, there are always pros and cons to listing your home and opinions may differ. One article we read, from the staff at, summarized several benefits to listing a home during the holiday season. They include:

  1. There’s Less Inventory
  2. Buyers Are More Serious
  3. You Can Make the Home Warm and Cozy
  4. Timing is Perfect for Transfers
  5. End-of-Year Tax Breaks

Just like listing in the spring, the holiday season presents its own unique opportunities to sellers (and buyers). The best first step is to talk to a realtor, weigh the pros and cons, and decide what is best for you based on a thorough market and property evaluation.

Photo credit: 3D model of a gingerbread house 3D printed on a ZPrinter. Image is taken with a PackshotCreator photo studio by Creative Tools AB ( Modified with candy cane for sale sign.