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Creative Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

Summer is here! In New England, we crave the warm summer weather in the winter but when it arrives, we are willing to try anything to beat the heat. If planting new shade trees or installing central A/C is not in your budget this year, don’t fret. By running a quick search online, you can find an abundance of creative ways to stay cool.

To help you get started, we thought we’d share a post we found when searching that covers these HEAT strategies you’ll want to remember.

H HOUSE — optimize your home to keep the heat out

E ENERGY — save energy and cooling costs by minimizing heat-producing items

AAIR — use airflow effectively to vent heat and bring in cool air

T — TLC — take care of yourself to stay cooler

The full post can be found here and goes on to share several tips for each strategy, like:

  • When to keep house windows open and when to close them,
  • How to build a DIY A/C,
  • Replacing light bulbs,
  • Reversing ceiling fans, and
  • Ways to exercise, sleep, work, dress, eat drink and think cooler.

Hope these tips prove useful in beating the heat…now get out and enjoy the warm weather!