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Tips to Ease Moving Day Stress

Late spring into early summer is a busy time of year, particularly for home closings which means moving. For many this means all the stress that comes along with preparing, organizing, packing and then actually making the move in to or out of a home or apartment.

If you are dreading moving day, take a deep breathe. There are things you can do ahead of time to make the actual day go a lot smoother. To help you prepare, we found these tips from Consumer Reports:

  1. Purge Early: Don’t take what you don’t want with you. Plan to host a yard sale or sell unwanted items online.
  2. Consume Your Cold Foods: Nothing is worse than throwing food away. Give yourself a month, eat what you have and do not restock your fridge/freezer.
  3. Label Everything: Give each room its own color, create a key and label boxes accordingly so you can find items easily when its time to unpack.
  4. Measure First: Make sure everything you are taking with you will fit in your new home.
  5. Pack Smart: Consider how you’ll pack little stuff and heavy stuff, especially books. Make sure to use things like suitcases and bins.
  6. Save (where you can): For example, skip expensive wardrobe boxes. Trash bags work just as well and are cheaper.
  7. Move Important Items Yourself: In other words, if you are worried about losing it, don’t put it on the moving truck. This includes things like valuables, electronics, toiletries, baby stuff and favorite toys.
  8. First Day/Night Essentials: These are also move-it-yourself items. This will make things, like bedding and towels, easier to find to ensure the first 24 hours in your home go smoothly.

To keep you organized, be sure to make lists and check things off as you go. Aside from the tips from Consumer Reports, some other things you may want to get a jump on are:

  • Change your address with USPS, banks, credit cards, HR, etc.
  • Shut off and turn on utilities.
  • For grade school children, have their school records forwarded and keep health forms and current report cards handy to share with their new school.
  • Take the day off.
  • And finally, don’t be shy…ask friends and family for help! The more the merrier, and the easier your move will be!