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Surviving a Seller’s Market

It’s Wednesday…

You are looking over properties in areas of interest, planning for another weekend of showings and open houses, and thinking, “will I survive this seller’s market?” You are not alone, particularly in the Greater Newburyport area of Massachusetts and southern Seacoast area of New Hampshire. The Spring 2017 market has brought low inventory, high prices and bidding wars, and many home buyers are feeling the frustration.

Searching for a home can be challenging, especially in a seller’s market, so we did some searching online and found these tips from Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate “Ask a Pro” expert Karlton Utter. They include:

  1. Come to the Table Prepared with a Prequalified Loan
  2. Be Taken Seriously by Bringing all the Paperwork
  3. Be Flexible and Discuss Compromising
  4. Be Readily Available to Sellers as Much as Possible
  5. Don’t Play Hard to Get

You can read the full article here. Hopefully this advice will provide some encouragement and give you the momentum you need to survive this seller’s market and find the perfect home.