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Caring for the Earth Can Increase Your Property Value

A great majority of Americans understand the need for environmental conservation – from reusable shopping bags and coffee cups to environmental friendly cleaning products and conserving energy. The message to conserve our environment for future generations rings out loud and clear…especially on Earth Day. For many Earth Day is a day to take action, like planting a tree.

This single action can have lasting effects on our environment. We’ve all seen this list: better air and water quality, lowered heating and cooling costs, reduced noise pollution, etc. All these reasons are truly beneficial, but there’s another benefit you may not have considered. Trees can increase property value! That’s right. Studies have shown that trees can increase the value of a residential property by approximately 30 percent(1). While trees are known to mature slowly, there are several steps that the National Arbor Day Foundation states can immediately affect property value. These six steps are:

  1. Protect existing trees during construction.
  2. Transplant trees from elsewhere on the property to the front lawn.
  3. Place a few large trees from a nursery to beautify or increase energy conservation.
  4. Encourage planting of street trees in newly developed areas.
  5. Prune off dead or dying branches on yard and street trees.

I think we can all remember the catchy slogan, “Plant a Tree Today.” On Earth Day, and everyday, we can note the benefits of planting a tree. After reading this, we hope you think about the many benefits including the increase in property value and take steps this spring to help Mother Earth and your home’s value (something top-of-mind for all homeowners).

Interested in more information, visit the Arbor Day Foundation website.

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