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‘Tis The Season To Think Cozy


The holiday season, and sweater weather are upon us. No need to feel down about these cooler months, however, there are ways to find joy even during these quieter, colder days. They not only bring the holidays, a time for celebrating and giving; but they also bring slower days spent indoors with those closest to us.

What are some ways to embrace the best of the winter season, though? This Zillow Porchlight blog post from last December leans on the Danish concept of hygge, which is the idea of creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying simple pleasures and comforts. I think we can all agree that the Danes understand how to thrive during the cold, winter months and Zillow’s post channels that way of thinking with these ideas:

  1. Set the mood: Light some candles and enjoy the extra warmth, and refreshing aroma they bring.
  1. Bake something: Many of us are prepping to bake for the holidays, especially Thanksgiving, and are already dreaming of the warmth of the oven and the delicious smells that will fill our homes and get our mouths watering.
  1. Add texture: Fill your space and get ready to snuggle…think soft rugs, cozy blankets and throw pillows; and don’t forget a good pair of slippers.
  1. Get out the board games: This is a great way to gather and enjoy time together not on a screen, and they can be competitive or fun. As the blog notes, even a simple game of cards can create warm and lasting memories. I agree. My teenage son and I still love to play crazy 8s!
  1. Perfect your hot drink game: From hot chocolate to hot toddies to a nice cup of tea, these drinks can definitely soothe the soul on a cold day!
  1. Embrace sweater weather: And every other layer you put on! Whatever you choose it should be cozy and comfortable.
  1. Curate your cold-outside playlist: Create a mix of your favorite music to inspire you, whether it’s for a kitchen dance party (a fav winter activity of my family) or a mellow Sunday morning making breakfast.
  1. Do seasonal activities: These can be beyond holiday preparation and celebration, like building a snowman, sledding or jumping in a leaf pile. It’s up to you!