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Tips to Give Holiday Décor a Refresh

Are you decorating for the holiday and feeling a bit tired of the same old trimmings and trappings?

I rummage through my holiday decorations every year and think about giving my décor a refresh. Yes, there are some time-honored pieces I could not part with. For example, the ceramic, hand-painted holiday house my mom carefully detailed when I was a child. However, every year there are more and more decorations that get left in the box!

So, I went searching for some advice online and found the perfect article on The title of the article, “Expert Tips to Liven Up Your Holiday Décor,” and in it the writer asks five interior designers their advice on decorating for the season.

This article was so on point, I wanted to share in case our blog’s readers are feeling the same way. A few tips from the article are:

  • Don’t buy into holiday decoration stereotypes. Think outside the box, while incorporating those traditional pieces with personal significance add natural elements as well.
  • Experiment with alternative hues. Try using a palette of two or three colors, and think about a metallic to add some holiday sparkle.
  • Bring the outdoors in. Use organic materials such as burlap, boxwood and birchwood to remind you of the beauty outside, while you stay cozy inside.
  • More natural outside decorations. Don’t leave out those sentimental childhood decorations, though, just incorporate that light up Rudolph with classic greens and lanterns.

Hopefully you find this advice helpful as you finalize your holiday decorations and get ready to celebrate in style. Happy Holidays!